Woody Basement Flooring Options For You Who Love An Aesthetics

If this wood flooring is applied as a basement flooring options, it will give a luxurious aesthetics. Do you have the same thought? To grab a different nuance in your modern home, you can change a usual ceramic tile floor with wood floor. This kind of flooring will give flexible and fresh nuance so you get an influence that you want a walk on barefoot more. Your foot is similar to unite with the fresh nature. It is so comfortable. It looks like giving a precious emphasis to show to the guest. Let me give you some options. Here you are.

Painted Wood Floor

The first option is a painted wood floor that will give an aesthetics as one of basement flooring options. You can apply it on your kitchen floor. Emphasize black and white concept in the kitchen is really good idea. If your kitchen concept is a white concept that is dominated with white wall paint and white kitchen cabinets as well, you can hit the concept with dark painted wood floor. Spacious kitchen will be grabbed and fresh nuance is really shown.

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However, if you want the warm concept cover your kitchen, you can paint your kitchen wall in calm and warm color and hit the warm concept with random pattern painted the wood floor in natural color.

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The same color domination concept between dark and white color tones can be applied as well in your living room. White wall paint that is greatly supported by the white sofa in the corner of the room will be good if they are married. Additional perennial in the one side of this room will see you an alive living room. It is so gorgeous, isn’t it?

basement flooring options for uneven floor

If you will emphasize natural accent more in the living room, you can also set your wall with brick color on one side and set the other side with the polished brick wall. Now, you can splash the warm nuance from the wall with the freshness of your painted wood floor. Do this option then.

basement flooring options for warmth

You can also just cover all of the floor surfaces with carpet that the color you like most. It will be good for you that like a precious concept. Do this in your billiard room to respect your guests or friends.

basement flooring options for wet basements

Natural Wood Floor

The second option is a natural wood floor that will give you a precious look with natural nuance. Brown wood domination is really great to express the warm nuance in your room. The use of natural wood floor in the kitchen is really the best point. The kitchen will be successfully covered by the wood floor that is combined with the wood furniture.

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Mid century modern kitchen that is united with your living room can be applied to this natural wood floor. Separate the function of each room with the carpet. Combine the natural wood floor with wood furniture as well. Grab this minimalist modern and precious home concept.

basement flooring options over concrete

basement flooring options over uneven concrete

For you that like sport very much, you can build a private indoor basketball yard in your room. Cover the floor with the natural wood floor. This polished character will protect you from a big hurt.

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Your bedroom will be great as well if you do the same thing to cover the floor with the natural wood floor. The installment in a diagonal way makes this room larger than it is. The use of wood floor will emphasize the luxury for the home design.

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