Smart Tricks on Decorating Small Bathroom Layout at Home

Bathroom layouts effort can be a challenging yet tricky step to do, but a small bathroom layout is actually more challenging. If you find out that your bathroom is quite short on space, then you need this small bathroom idea to work with. Small doesn’t mean bad, but of course, it will limit your relieve and movement to enjoy your bath time.

Layout for Saving More Money and Space

small bathroom layout design

small bathroom layout ideas with shower

small bathroom layout ideas

Taking a bath should be one of the favorite activities and moments to relax after the long tiring day. You may either unwind in your lovely hot tub or let a fresh rainfall shower wash and clean away your stress and pressure. Yet, not everybody gets a fortune to have a lavish bathroom to fit his or her necessity. It is a small bathroom after all where you should bump into or vanity every time you undress or step a path into the shower. It becomes much horrible to know that your small bathroom can’t facilitate more than an adult in. Causing so much stress to come, doesn’t it?

small bathroom layout plans

Don’t get yourself in a rush. Before you spend a bunch of money for bathroom expansion, it would be wiser to re-examine the layout of your small bathroom ideas. Perhaps, a well-organized and planned layout will very work to cope with the issues. Of course, you will need a few compromises such as on tearing out the tub, but you still have more to explore.

Three Simple Tricks That You Must Do

small bathroom layout with bath and shower

small bathroom layout with corner shower

small bathroom layout with dimensions

First, you can add a mirror across the wall to get a double look and feel of a tiny room. It will be particularly effective to put above the vanity or along the side of the small bathroom. The mirror will provide a reflecting light to fixture the room space. Then, if you still have few spaces on the wall, you can build a wall-mounted toilet to save both legroom and floor space. If you can’t make it, you might think to add shelving above the tank to give additional storage of vanity extends.

small bathroom layout with shower

small bathroom layout with tub

One last important step, remove the tub. Tub takes up the twice amount of bathroom area than a shower does. Trust us, lose the tub will make your small bathroom be more open up significantly. Moreover, the shower is much greater for adults. It will make your guest more comfortable too. However, you may keep the tub if you have children by putting a lower profile one. The lower tub makes your movement in and out much easier and more open up as well.

small bathroom layout with washer and dryer

small bathroom layout design

So, how is it now? Breathing and showering more relax will be in your hand in one second. Hope this advice going out very well for your small bathroom necessity.

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