Small Backyard Designs for Comfy Low Maintenance Space

There are plenty small backyard designs to be chosen from that can’t be applied on a large backyard! A home will be complete with a backyard. But not just a backyard, a comfy and pretty one that is. The backyard is just like the private retreat of the home. We can spend the time in the backyard just to drink a morning coffee or read a book in the afternoon.

The home’s guest is usually taken to backyard too if they are close enough. The living room is not just the space in the home for guest! To make a beautiful backyard needs a little more effort. But how about when the backyard is small? Isn’t it more difficult to bring out all the beauty of something tiny? Not true! The Even small backyard can be comfy and pretty with the same effort spent on a large one.

Small Backyard Designs With Green Grasss Added With White Rocks Tile Added With Some Flower Beside The Fences

Small Backyard Designs With Brown Wooden Floor At Some Part Added With Palm Tree And Some Other Plants

Indeed there is a disadvantage of having a small backyard. You can’t build basketball court behind your home. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean a small backyard can’t be both comfy and pretty. Small backyard has an advantage too. It doesn’t need extra maintenance to keep the pretty look while it can stay neat.

Small Backyard Designs With Green Grass Added With Little Mapple Tree Added With Red And Black Chairs Ideas

Small Backyard Designs With Green Grass Added With Purple Orchid And Some Other Flowers

Simple Furniture for Private Backyard

For the super tiny backyard space, you can just add one bench and two chairs. Voila, a small private backyard is done. Leave some spaces around half a meter behind the chair to add some plants. It can be flowers or bonsai. The backyard is walled up with a wall made of wood. Making it a little bit transparent to see what is going on outside your backyard. The only maintenance you will need is just to water the plant!

Small Backyard Designs With Little Tree With Long Branch Added With Some Plants And Brown Wooden Chairs

Small Backyard Designs With Little Pool For The Fish Added With Some Beauty Standing Lamp And Some Rocks

Small Backyard Designs With Green Grass And Tulip Flower Added With Roses Flower Ideas

Outdoor Furniture Sets for More Cares

The second of small backyard designs will need a little more care. This choice is perfect for more spacious backyard than the first one. You can put a table set consisting one table and four chairs in the entrance of your back door home. Behind the table set is a small garden with just some plants right up the wall surrounding the space covered in grass. The maintenance will be more as the grass will need grooming aside from watering.

Small Backyard Designs With Many Plants And Flowers Added With Brown Wooden Steps For The Backyard Areas

Small Backyard Designs With Rock Tile Fences For The Little Palm Tree Also Green Grass

Small Backyard Designs With Some Little Pool Added With Some Colorful Flower For The Backyard Ideas

The third idea will require not just a little more but it will need extra maintenance. As it consists of a small pond in the middle of the backyard, you can add a small bridge to cross to the other side of the backyard. The other side of the pond is benched. The access to these benches will be only the small bridge atop of the pond since beside the pond is used for the pond’s pipeline.

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