Retaining Wall Ideas That Create Fresh Landscaping View

The reason why some people prefer to choose a house rather than other accommodations is they want to apply retaining wall ideas in their own home. They can express their high inspiration through their house landscape. It will not only be a fresh landscaping view, but it can also be the best place for refreshing their mind after studying and working against the clock. A beautiful scenery view from a garden can be seen from our pictures here. They give much inspiration for increasing the appearance of the free space around the house.

Natural Scenery with Stone Wall Foundation

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Natural sensation has a pivotal function in human life. It can give fresh air and view at the same time. Even more, it can increase a house exterior design. The plants and trees are important for giving cozy atmosphere around this area. Besides, some curve concrete pathways can connect a small gazebo to the backyard or across the garden due to large garden size. Along this way are the plants and a wall with the stone foundation.
The stones can be put along the wall as well. The stone is combined with Chinese bamboo. They show a fresh looking for a garden. As a suggestion, a table set can be put in this space in order the owner can enjoy the fresh sensation from the garden. In the dry area, it is recommended to put some plants which require less water to prevent a summer season with limited water.

Applying Flower and swimming pool Concept

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On the large green landscaping, the garden seems more beautiful with the colorful flowers. If you have a garden with different level, you can apply a simple concrete stair to connect them. The small plants with beautiful flowers can be applied in the small garden nearby the table set. Even, some pots can show off their beauty.

Backyard Areas With Grey Tile Floor And Retaining Wall Design Ideas

The swimming pool is also a good idea for completing a house landscaping. A big house with exterior retaining wall ideas will be greater with large rectangular swimming pool. See, the pool can be created in the lower level, so the people can jump from where they stand. Along the wall of this pool is decorated with small fountains. It seems like mini waterfalls on the pool. On the higher level is the rest area. The owner can enjoy the sunshine on this white beach bench. However, if they do not like the sunshine, they can have a sit under the big patio umbrella.

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