Minimalist Kitchen Cabinet Sizes for Elegant Room Settings

The kitchen cabinet sizes should be concerned when you want to get the new interior design. As we know, there are several cabinetries with different shape and sizes. By measuring its size, you will create proper and fit interior furniture arrangement with nice design. It also about brings elegant furniture layout for creating minimalist room impression. That’s why… Read More »

Stylish Tall Narrow Cabinet with Modern and Elegant Layouts

Are you looking for a tall narrow cabinet that can be added easily to your home? Well, you just come to the right place. Here are amazing cabinetry designs with tall and simple forms, which you can get the same furniture style on your home. It enhances interesting room design with great nuance on there. This furniture is… Read More »

Eccentric White Tile Backsplash Harmonizing Modern Interior

Nowadays, sharing you about white tile backsplash ideas will enhance your thought about the new interior enhancer for your home. The tile backsplash is an additional part for your kitchen, which can be acted as a screen protector for your kitchen wall. Having new backsplash using white tile will brings clear and clean interior impression. It is also… Read More »

Comfy Reading Chair with Ergonomic and Elegant Designs

This post will share comfy reading chair that will enhance your room into the awesome interior setting with its additional coziness. As we know, having a new reading chair will mean that you need to get the extra budget on there. However, you don’t have to worry because there is always a nice solution to save your budget… Read More »

Pottery Barn Room Planner for Minimalist Contemporary Houses

You must follow the tips of applying pottery barn room planner below. Why? The room planner can be applied in both minimalist and contemporary houses. For the minimalist house, white accent must dominate the room. Yet, the wooden furnishings must be the accent of room planner for a contemporary house. Here, colorful finishing must be added as shown… Read More »

Modern Living Room Themes for Optimized Urban Interiors

How many living room themes do you know so far? You only know two concepts? Or you only know one concept? Alright, we will discuss the themes for the living room on this occasion. You had better prepare a note and a pen. Are you ready? Let’s get start it. Themes with Modern Living Room Nuance For the… Read More »

Modern White Desk for Decoration of Home Atelier

Where do want to apply modern white desk in your home atelier? Is it in the private room or in the central room? Alright, it doesn’t matter where you want to apply the furniture. The matter deals with the concept of interior decoration of yours. Why? For, the white desk only fits for the only white interior, too.… Read More »

Shower Design Ideas for Modern Bathroom of Mansion

What do you know about shower design ideas? Have you ever tried to apply one of the various concepts of which at your bathroom? Alright, the following information will tell you about the detail installation of shower design. Let’s get start it! Modern Shower Design with Glossy Look Starting from the modern design, the bathroom divider is made… Read More »

Top DIY White Marble Tile for Floor System of Bathroom

What is on your mind when you are asked to install white marble tile instead of other tiles? Do you think about its installation for the bathroom? Alright, you are right because the marble tile is suitable for bathroom decoration. This authentic pattern can completely enhance the bathroom decoration. Moreover, the mirror wall can reflect it perfectly as… Read More »

Unique Bunk Beds as Main Furniture for Urban Houses

Do you have any plan to install unique bunk beds on your house? Below, several models of bunk bed are provided to you. What is it for? It is used for the optimization of the bedroom. Moreover, the bed platform is suitable for the guest room. You must have many friends who like to sleep over at your… Read More »