Organized Walk in Closet Ideas for Small and Medium Spaces

This page will deal with a problem for some people who feel confuse about the walk in closet ideas. There are many kinds of the closet models here. They can be adapted for both small and medium spaces. It will be no more problem about how to design a room for your cloth, shoe, and bag collection, even though the room is just narrow. It will be a wonderful interior in a modern room design. The model of this closet adopted from recent interior products.

The Room Design for Casual Clothes

design a walk in closet ideas

The first picture is a simple closet room. There is no separation wall in this area; you can show off your collection in this room. The closet is made by a wooden without any painting. It looks fresh and natural. There are one-row drawers on the top and some drawers under the clothes. The clothes are hanged along the closet. This room concept has enough lighting from lamps and the sunshine through the window. Even more, this is open room idea, which gets lighting from any directions.

walk in closet bathroom ideas

In small closet space, you can walk to find your best outfit in the right and left sides of your body. The top of the closet are drawers with glass-frosted door. Below the drawer is the hanging stick for outer clothes. This is a woman closet concept, which seems so beautiful with the colorful clothes. Most of the women love to collect the shoe. Here, the shoe collection shelves are on the bottom of the closet.

walk in closet bedroom ideas

walk in closet ideas diy

Here we go it is family closet styles. All of the family clothes can be put in this closet. There are some drawers and hanging spaces in this closet. It is used for dividing the function of the cloth and the owner of the cloth. The baby clothes and accessories can be kept in the small drawers.

The Room Design for Formal Clothes

walk in closet ideas for small rooms

walk in closet ideas shoes

The most important of keeping formal clothes is the spacious space in the closet. Due to formal cloth is essential for the owner performance; the tidiness of the clothes must be a priority. See, almost all of the wall have a closet.

walk in closet ideas small

walk in closet ideas with a window

In the small long space, the room can be decorated with standing closet, so that, the closet is along the wall. Then, the floor must be added something special like a vase to increase the flooring appearance.

walk in closet ideas with vanity

walk in closet small bedroom

For a narrow space, you can choose a white closet model. This closet can be increased with the drawers in the same tone. The white drawers with stainless hand holder are best features for this walk in closet ideas. Choose the best ideas here.

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