New Face Living Room With Outdoor Living Spaces Design

That is not forbidden if you want to invite your guest or friend in outdoor living spaces. Bored with indoor living room design that you have? You can use your porch or patio to create this kind of design. Now, let’s start to talk about the design. Here you are.

Scenery From The Rustic Concept

If your home concept is rustic, you can make rustic outdoor living spaces also. You can deign it in your patio. Build a living space that is most dominated with a rustic unfinished stone that is conceptualised with so many tight stone pole to get the strength of the construction face. Cover the floor with rustic stone paver as well. Match the concept with put rattan sofa that is added to the rustic old wood table in the middle spot. Give some candle on the table to give warm nuance from the concept. Hang a classic fan on the ceiling to increase the concept feeling. Install a conventional fireplace on the stone wall make the concept perfect.

Black And Green Sofa Ideas With Grey Rugs As The Outdoor Living Spaces

Brown Wooden Floor Added With Rugs As The Outdoor Living Spaces

For your information, you can build this outdoor living concept besides the swimming pool. You can combine the contemporary and classical design of the home. It will be a great scenery for your home. Build this spot as a separate building with the main house building. If you do that, you can build a great small palace from the past period. Beautify the rustic stone domination with flower garden around.

Brown Wooden Floor Ideas With White Curtain As The Outdoor Living Spaces Ideas

The most impressive design for this outdoor living concept, you can put the living furniture face the outside scenery directly. You don’t need build certain building to place the furniture. Let it free on the top of patio or porch. You can add conventional round fireplace in the middle of the furniture.

Dining Sets Added With Grey Tile Floor And Fire Pit As The Outdoor Living Spaces

To hold a party, you should adopt this design. Build a separated building with the main building to be used as a kitchen or storage of meals. Put some living furniture outside. you can also make this building as mini bar concept with a high counter that is surrounded by the chair from the outside.

Grey Fabric Sofa Ideas With Brown Wooden Table As The Outdoor Living Spaces Ideas

Classic Concept That You Want Most

The next outdoor living concept that can be implemented in your contemporary home design is a classic concept. Use the wood domination to emphasize the concept. Javanese concept will be a great face for this outdoor living life.

Grey Rocks Fire Pit Ideas With Brown Seats Ideas As The Outdoor Living Spaces Ideas

Grey Wooden Floor Added With Floral Sofa Ideas As The Outdoor Living Spaces Ideas

You will build the classic one similar to the Balinese concept also. Put rattan furniture on top of the patio that is surrounded by a pool. Hang the curtain on the poles of the construction. Invite the guest to enjoy the fresh scenery from this cozy spot.

Outdoor Living Spaces With White And Grey Sofa Ideas With Hanging Lamp

Japanese concept can be adopted also with the main character of the use of wood partition in this concept. Give so many candles to create romantic nuance in the night. You can just put a wood counter on the patio and give mattress on the top of the wood counter.

Side Pool Areas With Brown Wooden Seats As The Outdoor Living Spaces Ideas

White Fire Pit With White Sofa And Grey Rocks Tile As The Outdoor Living Spaces

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