King Size Canopy Bed: A Ticket to Have Nice Dreamland

Since the earliest times, king size canopy bed had been portrayed in many fairy tale books, museums, or even motion pictures to show the glorious and luxurious treats enjoyed by kings and queens, royal families, and also other wealthy people of that era. Those traditional aged and carved canopy beds are totally admired by the future generations. They are becoming the symbol of old time’s glory and luxury – dream world – that is kept up to date.

Four-Poster and Canopy Beds

By definition, canopy bed is frequently described in interchangeable terms with poster bed. Therefore, it would not be a waste for us to discuss a little bit about poster beds before talking more about canopy beds.

King Size Canopy Bed With Grey Curtain Bed Ideas Added With White Ceiling And Floral Motive At The Wall Areas

A poster bed is also well known with its name as a four-poster bed. It is a type of bed, which has four vertical columns, one in each corner, that typically support an upper panel. These beds were traditionally designed in highly rich and lavish ornaments and crafted from carved oak wood material. In today’s world, they come in more variations of resources and structures.

King Size Canopy Bed With Grey Fabric Sofa Ideas Added With Black Wooden Table And White Silk Curtain Ideas

As to canopy bed, it is defined as classic decorative bed style featured with posts at each of the four corners outspreading far beyond the mattress. Lavishly ornate fabric usually draped across the upper space between the posts, which in turn will make a ceiling or a canopy creating a cover to the entire bed space.

King Size Canopy Bed With White Canopy Bed Ideas With Black Wall And Grey Rugs Ideas

Talking about frame material, these posted and curtained beds may be crafted from gracefully solid wood as well as rustic wrought iron constructions.

King Size Canopy Bed With White Canopy Bed Ideas With White Rugs And White Cabinets

King Size Canopy Bed With White Canopy Ideas With Black Bed Frame Ideas

The Revival of Canopy Bed

Turn back to the past times, the king size canopy bed had become functional furniture piece and also a decorative canvas for inspirational carvings and design elucidations more especially in varied noble up to upscale residences.

King Size Canopy Bed With White Curtain And Grey Bed Ideas Added With White Wooden Bed Framework Ideas

Okay, what is king size bed anyway? Before forget or getting excited with the contemporary resurgence of canopy beds, let’s look at the short description about this sort of bed dimension. Technically, a king size bed is measured 76 to 78 inches wide by 80 inches long – the same length as a queen but much wider with an additional of 16 inches. It is an ideal bed for couples, or those who share a bed with their kids or even pets.

King Size Canopy Bed With White Floor Ideas Added With Reclaimed Wooden Ceiling Ideas And White Silk Curtain Bed

In addition, back to the comeback of the canopy bed in contemporary sleeping interior designs, there are indeed a bunch of inspirations to start with. This can be ranged from elegant royal ornate, bohemian luxury, romantic princess dreamland, exotic Gothic feel, up to open breeze summer canopy beds mostly found in tropical travel destinations.

King Size Canopy Bed With White Rugs Added With White Cabinets And Brown Wooden Floor Ideas And Pink And White Stripes Wall

King Size Canopy Bed With White Wooden Framework Bed Added With White Rugs And White Wooden Cabinets Ideas

King Size Canopy Bed With White Wooden Materials Added With Storage Below The Bed Also Grey Rugs On The Brown Wooden Floor

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