Incredible Narrow Dining Table Set Designed with Wood Materials

A placement of narrow dining table in the house does not need large space. However, the small room must have at least a window or door to give a fresh and incredible view from the outside. This trick will give larger sensation for the room. In addition, a garden in your house landscaping would be the best view for this room. If you want to design your dining room with natural material, you can choose a wooden table set. You can paint this table set to make it be longer beautiful.

Brown Wooden Floor Added With Brown Narrow Dining Table Ideas

Brown Wooden Floor Added With White Rugs And Narrow Dining Table

Modern Room Ideas and Designs

Black narrow dining table in the photo below is in a room of a modern house. This room has huge power from black and white color. All of the furniture designs are chosen in white or black, such as black table and black long chairs. The chair is designed with a white seat and the white bowls are putting on the table. They stand on the white tiny carpet. Next to this table, set is the cabinet and standing lamp. These unique lighting systems have long three legs. Then, the wall is decorated with animal icons on a black frame.

Brown Wooden Floor Ideas With Black Wooden Narrow Dining Table Ideas

Brown Wooden Table And Chairs Added With Brown Rugs As The Narrow Dining Table

The lighting system from standing lamp is not adequately bright for lighting whole dining room. The padded white wall with LED lighting system will make this room gets brighter. This modern room idea can be completed with white chair and black wood table. Due to white and black colors only in this room, a bunch of old rose flowers on white vase will make this room prettier.

Dining Room Areas With Brown Wooden Narrow Dining Table With White Floor Ideas

Dining Room Areas With Grey Wooden Narrow Dining Table Ideas With White Wall

Dining Room Areas With White Floor And Brown Wooden Cabinets And White Wall Added With Narrow Dining Table Ideas

Unique Room Concept

High imagination can inspire the people to create the best work in their life. It is the same with room design in following pictures. The room has large windows. The people have 180 degrees for viewing the scenery around the house. The table, chair, and cabinet are made from a log. It supports natural atmosphere from inside the room. The unique addition for this room is a leather animal pattern carpet under the dining set table. It looks elegant and unusual. The bizarre furniture design can be seen in the last picture. The long wood chair has a chained iron. It is also applied to the table. Both of them look strong to be a part of a dining room. Afterward, this table set is standing on a soft brown carpet with black on the edge of the carpet.

Narrow Dining Table With Brown Wooden Table And Chairs Ideas With White Wall

White Brown Wooden Narrow Dining Table With Brown Wooden Floor

White Wooden Table Narrow Dining Table Ideas With White Chairs Ideas With Grey Rugs

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