Garage Shelving Ideas: Cabinet, Wall-Ceiling Shelf

By using garage shelving ideas, you can be inspired to have the most suitable shelf for your garage. Do you think it is important to have a shelf in the garage? The shelf will be very useful for you to keep many things in the garage. We have known that the garage will be many things such as a garden tool, bike, motorcycle, electricity tool, and much more. So, it will nice for you to organize and keep them as good as possible. Let’s see.

Suitable Cabinet for Modern Style

If you have a modern garage, you can try to place cabinet in the garage. Moreover, if you have many things that have to be saved, you will need a big cabinet. Actually, for the garage, you can put somewhat cabinet that is same with kitchen cabinet. Yeah, this kind of cabinet will make your garage tidy and good looking.

Beige Garage Wall Added With Brown Wooden Garage Shelving Ideas At The Ceiling

You can also use cupboard in the garage. This cupboard is like a cupboard for saving clothes. It has doors and it is big. You can put many things in this cupboard safely. For another touch, you can try to have an iron shelf. Of course, this shelf will not have doors. You can put baskets, bottles, and other things in the iron shelf.

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Wall Shelf for Nice Garage

If your garage is not large enough, you can put wall shelf in the room. Actually, this kind of shelf will have same advantage with another shelf. However, the wall shelf will save space in the garage. So, you will have larger free space for doing certain activities. This wall shelf will be suitable to keep many things. You do not need to worry about the safety of your things in the shelf. They will be safe and in a good condition.

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Do you know? You can use the wall shelf to hang certain things, such as bike, spare parts of the motorcycle, and much more. They will be safe and tidy. It is very effective to hang the things on the wall.

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If you still need another place to save things, you can exploit the ceiling of the garage. Yeah, you can make ceiling shelf. This kind of shelf will be also nice to save things. You can also hang surfing board on the ceiling.

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What do you think about this information? Is it useful for you? Actually, you can apply these garage shelving ideas in your own garage. Let’s apply one of the ideas.

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