Container Home Plans in Simplicity Concept Ideas

Nowadays, people drive to crazy due to homeless status without noticing that container home plans are ready to deal with their problem. The high-cost expense and expensive building material push them to rent a house or be homeless. Here, we give you a wonderful solution. Some samples of living place in simplicity idea as a sophisticated home living. This is cheap and easy to move. The picture below gives a reference a portable house concept. It is easy to be made and you can move it wherever you want. Do you want to know more? The pictures below will give you great examples of your new life.

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Indoor Interior Design
Simple house architecture does not mean it cannot give the best facility for the owner and guest. Here are kitchen, dining room, living room and family room pictures. Even though this house has a limited space, this open room space has designed perfectly to give larger sensation. See, the modern dining room and kitchen, which has decorated in white tone. The white glossy cabinet stands along the wall. In 1 meter away is a dining room with several chairs and a table in the middle. This is a table with round glass countertop. The wall is glass transparent wall with present a fresh garden view.

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Container Home Plans With Living Room Areas Added With Thre Bedroom And Double Front Dor

A clear drawing of the whole house plan can be seen in the photo above. The rooms are created along the wall, so this house has open space in the middle and corner of the house. It is a smart arrangement for a minimalist house blueprint.
Outdoor Home Performance
Mostly the houses are built with glass or wooden wall design because they are light. The windows must be designed with open window style because some houses in the desert need a circulation to avoid hot temperature. The mini garden or plant on the vase is crucial for this house because this garden can refresh the house atmosphere. Despite the house design and garden, some furniture is put in the fronting house. The owner can enjoy the teatime or read a book in this space. The plastic and wood chair set would be a great choice for this place. The wooden material would be matched with the wood flooring idea. However, some plastic furniture models are chosen because they are easy to be moved. Although these container home plans are small, you can have private space to a common house. Now is your time to decide to live in a better place. Welcome to the easy life.

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