Best Kids Beds with Storage in High Inspiration Design

Nowadays, people love to have kids beds with storage models in their house, because this concept will not spend much space. Besides, the children can learn how to manage their room very well. This concept has a priority in space using and coziness. The children will feel uncomfortable when their bedroom has no action figure accessory or their favorite colors. Through the pictures here, you as a parent able to create the most comfortable bedroom for your own kids in high inspiration design. Are you ready to make it come true?

Room Decoration for Twin and Triplet

best kid bed with storage

bunk bed with storage diy

full size kid bed with storage

This picture is special for giving an inspiration for a parent who looks for their triplet son or brothers bedroom decoration. This room has designed in blue. This blue color is combined with the gray wall design. This contemporary bedroom looks simple with the appearance of the wood bed frame. In addition, the action figure is very important for a boy, so that the action figure bedcover is completing the bed set. This room has zigzag bed location which makes this room has larger space. There is a wood ladder to connect among the beds.

kid bed frame with storage

kid bed with drawers underneath

The twin girls usually have different taste in color. It can be seen through the bedroom decoration above. There are two different tones in a room. The glass transparent windows let the sunshine enter the room which makes both of these beds brighter. In the corner of the room is a bed in pink blanket and pillows. It looks cute. On the other hand, another bed is in green. On the wall, they show their own photo with their favorite photo frame.

kid bed with storage underneath

kid bunk bed with storage

Next picture shows you a two levels bed. These kids beds with storage model have a simple bed in soft green color which has the storage in the bottom of the bed. It is sliding storage system, so it can be push and pull. When it is pulled, this bed seems does not have any storage. It is a smart design.

Single Bed for a Child

kid loft bed with storage

kid twin bed with storage

twin bed with storage blueprints

A bedroom with a single bed has large space for putting the storage. It can be put next to the mattress or under the bed. A bed frame can be created for a studying space as well. The storage has some drawers to keep their books and pens. This space also has the wheelchair models which can move easily.

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