Beautiful Living Room Layout Concept in Medium Size Space

The reference to a beautiful living room layout will help you to find out good interior designs and room concept for your medium house size. It is very often that the guest will visit your house and have a chat with you in the living room. They will see your living room as a representation of your personality. Before deciding to redesign your living room, let’s look at the available pictures on this page.
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Casual Furnishing Interior Models

In the medium living room, there are some concepts, which can be applied. You can choose the best one regarding your taste and budget. The first picture below is the living room for more than ten people. The sofas with the cushions are ready in front of the television. In the middle of the sofa are tables. All of them stand on gray carpet. This room has glass transparent window for giving the sunshine from the outside. On the blank white wall, you can see some portrait and painting.

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After this paragraph, you can see smaller living room space with fewer furniture designs. If you have a similar room size, you can get the idea by seeing the pictures. In this medium room, the long sofa is facing two armchairs. In another side is white bench. Between them is a short mini table. The room is decorated with some accessory like a crystal, which is put on the wall right left and right side of television. Another crucial thing is the fireplace. This simple fireplace idea can be created under the television. It can give warm air when the people watch television programs.
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Fresh Furniture Ideas

We are moving to attractive rooms in small space. One of the pictures shows a girly living room theme. The room has designed in dark pink color. See, the long pink curtains are covering the large window. Next to the window is bold pink bench. This room has two cute pink chairs. These are queen chairs like. How is about orange? It looks not too girly. The magnetic interior in this room is beautiful queen framed mirror. This mirror is made with flower curving frame. On the windows, these are awesome curtains hanging from the ceiling to the floor. The green sofa and chairs are completing this room. In the middle of the room is a coffee table on classy pattern carpet. This room will look classier with a richly decorated wall from paintings. This living room layout will not make you feel easily bored because it refreshes human mind through cheerful color.

living room layout with corner fireplace

living room layout with fireplace

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